The Be Loved Women’s Retreat is an unforgettable opportunity that will engage, connect, and rejuvenate women of all ages through a personal experience of God’s love. Dynamic talks, small group discussions, and time for prayer will make Christ relevant in your day-to-day life and personal circumstances.

Upcoming Be Loved Retreat is October 15, 2016, at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Lilburn, GA

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There were several ‘Aha’ moments. Remembering to value our worthiness, as defined by God, and no other, was a great reminder.

BeLoved Retreat - Cumming, GA

LOVED every minute!

BeLoved Retreat - Cumming, GA

Thank you so much for reminding me of who I am. I had truly been led astray by the evil one.

BeLoved Retrreat, Cumming, GA

Overall everyone was amazing and I would definitely recommend this to others.”

BeLoved, Atlanta, GA